Why Seed Business?

Who is Seed Business? 

We Seed Business Pvt., Ltd.Co Established in 2019, we are well-known suppliers, and exporters of quality gemstones, industrial minerals, coffee, and All Natural Stones. Our range of products includes Emeralds, Sapphire, Ruby, Granite, Marbles, and Sandstones. Moreover, the products offered by us, are highly recognized among our prestigious clients for their optimal composition, and protective packaging.
Why Seed Business? 
Seed Business plc, the name originated from the bible this seed is a very small thing, but it is sown with faith when it grows it will bear much fruit. seed business white marble have very fewer impurities which is the reason for its whiteness for a long period of time. Also, seed marble contains 98 percent of calcium which makes it resistant to water seepage. seed marble comes in different shades depending on the level of impurities.

What do we do? 
Seed business Pvt., exported to various countries including China, Thailand & the European Union.

How can I get in touch with the seed business? 
For any kind of inquiries on products or bulk purchases please feel free to contact us 24/7. We will be delighted to help you all the way.
 Our office address:- in-front of Mexico genet hotel Taos tower office number 10-71/2, Addis Ababa Ethiopia   info@seedbusiness.com  +251-923-247273

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